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Monday, April 4, 2011

Enter my "Snapshot" photo contest to win a FREE session! (Session must be scheduled in May or June of 2011 and is for a FREE studio session for up to two people, or HALF off a family session for up to 6 people) "A good snapshot stops a moment from running away" -Eudora Welty I have had an idea for a contest for a while now so Im so excited to finally do it! As most of you may know... I love photography, thats a given. BUT what I really love more are the photographs.... the actual pictures. I love a proffessional photograph taken under perfect lighting conditions with a super expensive proffessional camera, set with that perfect shutter speed, ISO, and aperture any day..... but really the pictures that I hold dear to my heart and that ultimately mean the most to me are not the proffesional photographs but the snapshots. Those everyday moments that mean so much that we quickly whip out a camera and with out much thought "snap" a photo to have that moment on film forever. I want to see your favorite snapshots... those pictures that you hold dear to your heart, that you would hate to lose. Those snapshots that tell a story, that evoke emotion. Send them to my email and I will pick a few favorites that we will all vote on! You can send up to 4 images. To start things off I thought I would share a few of my favorite "snapshots"... P P P P A few random favorites... Have fun looking through your favorite snapshots and send them my way!


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