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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

lolli pops and spider man...

this little guy was on the move! He just wanted to go, go, go! As most ONE year old do! Even this lolli pop couldnt slow him down.... he would just stick the whole thing in his mouth so that he could still have two free hands to get to where he needed to go! Although, he pretty much despised this hat until we gave him the lolli and he totally forgot about it!

this one is ALL boy, and was pretty fascinated with this plane when I pulled it out.... I was pretty lucky to even get one of him looking up because no matter what I did his eyes were fixated on this plane and twirlling that propeller!

of course we had to get a few of his older brother.... are you kidding me with those brown eyes??? gorgeous!

and Im sure every mother with a 4 yr old boy knows exactly what this is!
I feel pretty lucky to have been able to photograph Spider Man himself! ;)


~Jolynn said...

Karina....Nice work on my nephews pics. You do great work and I like all of your photo stuff a lot.

Every Little Thing Photography said...

lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli :) what a cutie, and his brother has such a fun smile! makes me happy.

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