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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

L&S, a beautiful horse, and beautiful scenery=
and a very important lesson learned.... next winter I will be getting some protective gear for my camera for situations just like this. I had someone holding a blanket over my head (thanks to me for forgetting my umberlla!) the whole time, which it made it very difficult to move around and very sore arms for him! (BIG, thanks again!)

This horse was hilarious! He very much wanted to be the center of attention the whole time and loved the camera! While I was trying to get a shot of them hugging, I think he got a little jealose!
I love this shot.... even though I know just how freezing cold it was that day.... and its was obvisouly a blizzard out side... somehow this shot makes me feel warm.

Romance.... I had to process some of these in vintage... had to ;)


Tyler and Aubree Anderson said...


Alyssa said...

So remember next time I want a horse in our photoshoot! haha Those are so great! I love them.

THaToNeGiRL said...

AWESOME! You are so good. I love the jealous horse pic. That is too stinkin cute.

Beautiful, once again.

Aubrey said...

This shoot is beautiful! You are so brave to take your camera out in that storm! Well worth it though! Just stunning!

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