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Friday, September 4, 2009

Sing a little... dance a little.... smile a little
family I just adore this family... their little boy was such a happy boy! All it took to get him to smile was a little singing, and then he would start dancing and smiling!



This is of course one of my favorites! I just feel like it totally captured his fun/on the move, gotta go go go personality!
Again, another favorite.... I just love the sweet expression on his face.

what? you thought I would only show it once??? I think not.



Scott and Sara said...

Love them! I got the CD from Kim today. Scott and I love the one of Cam sitting between Scott's legs. It is so fun. You are an amazing photographer. Thanks for getting such great shots of our little man!

Amy said...

Those turned out so cute! It must be nice to have a little boy that actually smiles for you!

THaToNeGiRL said...

Karina! You are SO GOOD!!!!!

The Baker Family said...

What a cute family!!!

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