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Friday, April 3, 2009

Ooh, lolli, lolli, lolli...

WARNING: you may have a sugar high after reading this post! This may be Lolli Pop over load, but I cant help it.... I love them all! I took these back in February and Im just a little behind in posting, but they are too cute not to post. I saw these huge Lollipops at Walmart and had to have some fun witht them! I bought two, and one was ment for my little boy but he was so tired that he went down for a nap before I could get many shots of him... so sadly he's not in these. Oh well, that just means I will have to do another shoot soon!Pop






I also got out an umbrella, but by this time she was done with the picture taking and I only got one shot with it.

and the {sweetest} for last.


Amy said...

Those are so cute Karina! I love the brightness of her dress and the lollipops!

tnralvords said...

These are so cute and springy. Makes me glad that today is a warm day.

Kim said...

Oh I love her!

Tina Peterson Photography said...

Yes that last one is VERY sweet although all the lollipop ones are ADORABLE too :).

Marissa Vargason said...

awe these are so cute!!! I love the close up of her with the yellow lolli! Awesome Karina!

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