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Monday, March 16, 2009

There was a little girl...
I took these of my little girl yesterday for my 365 project and love them so much that I am sharing them! This was right after her bath...
There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead,
And when she was good,
She was very, very good.
But when she was bad she was horrid.

I had to include the poem.... its just too perfect.



Mindy said...

The first one makes my heart skip a beat! What a wonderful photo!

Amy said...

So cute! I really like them. And I can't beleive her cute curls!

Kim said...

Oh I love her and her cute curls and beautiful big eyes!

Jen Herem said...

oh great shots. she is beautiful.

Jen said...

She is so darling!! I loved how the girls were all jumping around in the church bathroom yesterday! Too bad we didnt have a camera then!

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