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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I was so excited for this shoot because we shot at my clients historic home in Salt Lake City. They will soon be leaving it and so they wanted to have some family pictures taken there. I was loving the old brick and beautiful ivy everywhere.

Some of you might recognize these three beautiful ladies...


Love this shot...

but I HAD to include this one too... priceless! lol

we were all laughing when he pulled this face, but I love it!

Isnt she gorgeous???

Historic Shot
I just love this idea. My client requested we do this historic shot. She had family pictures done a couple of years ago and they did this exact same pose in the exact same location. So every couple of years she will do this exact same shot and will be able to look back and see how through the years they have grown and changed as a family!
Blue eyed beauties!
How cute is that?
thanks Kimmy for all of your help! Couldnt have done it with outcha!


Luke and Kimmy said...

You are amazing! Really I'm lucky to be your friend.

This shoot was so much fun. THank you for taking me. And oh my gosh I can't believe that you got so many cute pictures of those kiddos.

Kasidy and Brittany said...

I am amazed that you found some shots with all the kids cooperating! It was a crazy day but the shots turned out fabulous! Thanks!

The Baker Family said...

So cute!! What a beautiful family!!

Anonymous said...

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