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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a few more of Whitney and Shane...

trying a few new things in photoshop.... I was going for a painted look in this one...

nothing says I love you like a good butt squeeze {haha}


Couldnt decide which I liked better here.... Id love to hear your opinion!



Jen Herem said...

great job. vintage is so much fun and super romantic!!

Laura said...

I like the latter one. I'm all about the color.

The Baker Family said...

I think they are equally beautiful. If they were my photos, I'd put them in a double frame directly side by side.
I LOVE that one of the "painted" look. It is fabulous!!

Luke and Kimmy said...

Oh wow how do you decide??? I think I really like the second one. I completly agree that the vintage look is amazing and totally romantic, but there is something about the vibrant colors that I really like in that picture.

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