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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Polka. Dot. Heaven.

Introducing my niece Madison! Her 4th Birthday is coming up and.... she really is 4 going on 16!!! She is so much fun and always is making me laugh with the funny things she says. I was so excited to take some fun pictures of her for her Birthday Party invitations.

I just love her eyes...



It wasn't long before Maddy was done posing for pictures and just wanted to play. I tried everything to get her to keep posing {but I think I just ended up making a fool of myself, lol} nothing was convincing her.... then I pulled out this umbrella, and she couldn't resist it. She was ready to pose again!


Too. Much. Fun.


Kim said...

How fun! I love the picture where she is resting her head on her hands. She is so cute!

THaToNeGiRL said...

OMG, you seriously are my fave photographer. PLEASE PLEASE teach me!!! And that way we'd get to hang out, too!! :D

Anonymous said...

her outfits, the polkadots, her expressions....AHHHH!!!!
luv these all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Oh, I love the polka dots! Those are all such good pictures and she did such a good job posing! You gotta love that! Really, those pictures are sooo good.

I am still waiting for you to come up and teach me some tricks for using my camera. I was playing with it last night and I am just clueless.

And I think my kids are getting better, so if you still need "sample shots" you can borrow my kids. I could probably make anytime work.

Jami said...

Oh! She's adorable. And the shots are fantastic too!

Yorgason Family said...

once again you are awsome these are so cute.

Jen said...

Oh I love them!!! Great job!

talonandanna said...

darling! she's a doll and you do fabulous work. better be careful, you'll turn into one of the photographers who has to have hubby quit working just to help keep up in the studio! :)

Becky Palmer said...

oh my gosh these just make me smile! great job.
Becky Utah Peas

TinaBean said...

SO CUTE! Love her outfit and she's the cutest little girl. Good Job.
Utah Peas

McDermaid Fam said...

once again amazing! karina you are just great! she is a cutie. love all the girly girl stuff:)

kim - peas

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