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Monday, December 1, 2008

...more Veigels!
So my friend Kimmy asked if I would take some family pictures in hopes of getting a good one for some Christmas cards. She wanted bright colors with an urban feel, so it was off to downtown again!

{Beware} there is A LOT of kissing... I was laughing when I was uploading these because all of the ones that I really liked were kissing ones.




I think this one is my favorite... just look at that little face!



Amy said...

Once again, I love them. I am just going to copy my same comment and paste it on every single one of your posts, because it nevers changes. I LOVE them all and I really love the backdrops. You see, I have said this all before...
Next I just need to say that I need you to take pics of my kids and we will have it down!

Really, they are way cute pics and Kimmy looks so skinny already. Not fair at all.

Jen said...

Love them. Great colors and location.

Luke & Kimmy said...

Ah. Your the best. Seriously

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